Electronic Cigarette CE4

The device can be used in the following steps:

  • In the first step, you have to insert and charge the battery according to the given instructions.
  • Now, fill the tankomoizer with the atomizer liquid by unlocking the drip tip of tankomoizer
  • The quantity of the atomizer liquid could be filled up to 1.6 ml max.
  • Now press the on button to switch on the device
  • Now, your cigarette is ready and you can start and enjoy the new experience of vaping


Are you fed up with your school age smoking habit and looking for an alternative way to do so? If yes, then this platform will provide you the desired product for your purpose as the E-Cigarette CE4.

The large capacity of the tank also saves your time and energy to refill it again. The atomizer liquid used in the tankomoizer gives you a large amount of vapor that tastes like the real tobacco. Now, you do not need a matchstick or lighter to glow your cigarette each time you wanted to smoke. The very same requirement can now be fulfilled by the eGo electronic cigarette. This cigarette uses absolutely new technology of smoking that doesn’t release the hazardous substances, so it is 100% safe for the user and the environment.

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