Buy Foot Massager F01 in Pakistan

  1. Unique massager that integrates massaging, rolling and kneading action
  2. Customizable massage with dual mode vibrating programs and kneading actions
  3. Three speed levels
  4. Designed to work on the muscles of calves, foot, arm and ankle
  5. Equally beneficial for the patients suffering from diabetes, arthritis and bunion
  6. Help to reduce the symptoms of sore feet, swollen feet and general foot pain.
  7. Improve the circulation of blood in the body
  8. Easy to carry handles


The foot massager is a unique device of its kind made specifically for the foot that helps to revitalize energy in your body muscles, reduces stress and provides relief to the muscle aches. The technology of the foot massager is based on the traditional medicine and meridian science. This user-friendly massager is very easy to use. You just have to place your foot in the massager and start the device by pressing the button.

For more flexibility and ease-of-operation, users have the option to operate the device at three speed levels according to their requirement. The foot massager will provide you complete relief in just a couple of minutes. Apart from relieving the muscle aches, the massager can also be used to soothe and calm your tired muscles. There is no need to get the appointment of any expensive therapist, because the same purpose can now be fulfilled by using the foot massager.

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