Buy Flex Tape in Pakistan

  1. Instant solution to patch up large holes, cracks and gaps
  2. Waterproof tape can be used to stop leakages of water tank, boat and so on
  3. Features rubberized and flexible backing that instantly attaches to any surface
  4. Manufactured from UV resistant and support a wide temperature
  5. Portable
  6. Lightweight
  7. Durable


The Flex Tape, as the name suggests, is an innovative and revolutionary product designed to neatly patch cracks, gaps, tears and even large holes with minimal effort. The Flex Tape is one of kind of tape that is waterproof and it can be used to prevent the entry of water, air and moisture in almost anything. Due to this quality, you can use the flex tape to seal vents or air ducts of conditioning system.

The Flex Tape is manufactured from the backing of thick rubberized and flexible material that firmly holds on to any type of shape or object. The flex tape has a width of 4 Inches, so you can easily place it even underwater. The flex tape is made from VOC-free, UV resistant material and it can bear harsh climatic conditions easily. All you have to do is to neatly cut the tape and apply onto the leaky spot, that’s all.

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